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We fulfill requests and utilize our national network to locate that special interest vehicle you've been seeking. The link to initiate a request is located <HERE>.

Our goal is to find the rarest and cleanest cars available in the nation for any given year/make/model and do so at the lowest possible price. Our cars come mostly from private parties and are researched so you don't have to worry about buying from out of state and then learning of mileage fraud, repaints, or previous modifications to a car, which is then sold as never modified.

Our most common service is new and pre-owned vehicle searches (working as a buyer’s agent). This service is where we locate and negotiate the best price on a new or used vehicle on our customer’s behalf. This service results in significant savings over what the customer could have negotiated on their own and can be done for customers nationwide. Many customers are shocked when we’ve negotiated the best possible price and arranged for the dealership to park the car outside for a test drive and they just pull up and take the car for a drive. The dealership doesn’t even discuss the purchase with our customer because they know we are the point of contact.

I’m always stunned how different it is to negotiate a car as a dealer than a private party. I recently negotiated an ’06 Toyota Sequoia for a customer in New Jersey and saved him over $4,000 from the best price he had negotiated and was about to pay. This service is very successful and represents the largest portion of our business transactions.

For pre-owned vehicle searches we can identify the perfect car, assist with the pre-purchase inspection, and arrange for transport at wholesale due to being a member of Central Dispatch. Often times the savings on transport can cover up to 50% of our total service fee.

Our customers have find that not only do they not have to spend the time to shop and negotiate with the dealerships, but that our fee is small compared to the Price savings we are able to generate on both new or pre-owned vehicles. The financial savings are even greater when customers have trade-ins that we sell for retail, in conjunction with getting their tax credit. Inquire for more details on how this works…



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