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About Us


Greetings and welcome to our web site! My name is Daniel and I operate VIP Imports with my wife Valerie. We have both been automotive enthusiasts most of our lives, which was our motivation for starting VIP Imports back in 1998. We strive to offer a personal level of service and integrity that is uncommon in the car business. We handle every facet of the business, whether it be a vehicle search, consignment, purchase, or sale.

Our dealership is located in beautiful Enumclaw, WA, 30 miles Southeast of Seattle. Yes we are kind of in the sticks, but have a great view of Mt Rainier and are only 30 minutes from SeaTac Airport. We have a retail location in Enumclaw, where vehicles are available for showings and we also have two warehouses on a 10 acre private gated property where some vehicles are stored. Both of the shops have lifts and one is 1800 ft, and the other is 5,000 ft. Pictured below is our smaller shop.

We maintain extremely low overhead to keep our markups low and maintain the best value for our customers.  Sure we could increase our profits if we added more staff and obtained more cars via the tradition methods (auctions, etc.) but we feel this would be eroding the value and experience for our customers! Our inventory consists of private party vehicles that we personally search for and select as if we were buying for ourselves. We specialize in finding the rarest, most exceptionally clean vehicles worthy of meeting the most demanding customer's expectations!

What you can expect from us is a professional, no pressure transaction with full disclosure of everything we can reasonably determine on our vehicles. We will share the detailed inspection reports, all detectable flaws, and provide high resolution pictures, or even videos of the vehicles. We don’t exist to simply "move inventory" but rather are seeking a fit for the vehicle and the buyer, which ensures the best experience for both parties! We have many references and testimonials—from prior customers, which can be viewed HERE.

Our service offerings are outlined in detail on the “Services”link and include vehicle searches for pre-owned and new vehicles, consignments, outright purchases, or trade-ins, and vehicle sales. One of the comments we often receive from our customers is: “why aren’t there more cars or activity on our web site.” The answer is that there is a lot of activity and services we provide that aren’t visible on our web site. Our most frequent

Our most common service is new and pre-owned vehicle searches (working as a buyer’s agent). This service is where we locate and negotiate the best price on a new or used vehicle on our customer’s behalf. This service results in significant savings saving our customers thousands and can be done for customers nation-wide.

A little bit more about us. I met my wife Valerie in Houston, where she was born and raised on a huge ranch just outside of Houston. After 8 years of living in Texas, I asked her to move back to my home town of Seattle. She agreed to do so on the condition that I’d buy her a horse (more on this below). I said okay, and off we moved to Seattle. We started VIP Imports in 1998 as more of a hobby than anything else and again a way to keep nice cars in the mix... Valerie has been a residential real estate agent for the past 10 years and enjoys the business. I have been an executive in the food distribution business all of my working life until just last year when I decided to resign and devote myself to VIP Imports and assisting my wife with her real estate career.

My passion for cars started very early on when my father had me out helping wash his 1968 Camaro, or his ‘68 Chevelle. In my teens I started a detailing business and later a car stereo business—anything to stay involved with cars. Later I met my wife in Houston, Texas and we would attend car shows and had built “his and hers” 1988 Mustangs that were featured in several magazines. We would line up at the track together in the two cars (picture below is of Valerie in one of our Mustangs). Her Mustang was a total sleeper with a built motor and 200 shot of nitrous. We never got tired of watching the looks on unsuspecting faces of the men she’d occasionally come across that asked to race and we’d point towards my wife and say try her—LOL! All I can say is I believe that women do have faster reflexes than men as it sure seemed like she had quicker launches and shifts than me.

So back to this Horse commitment I made. In 2005 we had a nice waterfront house with mountain view next to a golf course. My wife reminds me that I said she could have a horse as a condition of her moving to Seattle. I replied, okay go get one and I’m sure we can find a place to board it. She advises me that boarding a horse is not an option and we’d have to move to a horse property! For the sake of brevity, I have attached a picture below and I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the story. One last comment I will make is that I definitely did not ask enough questions when my wife made having a horse a condition of moving. I could have never imagined what all “having a horse” involved and let’s just say that it makes having a “car hobby” seem relatively inexpensive.

Thanks for visiting our web site and good luck in your automotive pursuits!

Read our Testimonials


  • My Wife Valerie: For jumping in and being a partner in life and in this business! Thanks for all your help!

  • Raj Magon: You have been there for us since the beginning as we learned the business. You have been a friend and a mentor as we learned and continue to learn the finer points of the car business. I can't thank you enough for all the support over the years!

  • Drew Larrigan: Drew came on board to learn the business and help out where ever, which you have done. Everything from Detailing cars to my wife giving you other tasks way beyond the call of duty! It has been fun working together & Thanks for all your help!

  • Cheryl @ Enumclaw Licensing Agency: You are always so helpful and truly know how to treat your customers! THANKS!

  • Toyota of Puyallup Parts and Service: Sean and the rest of the gang around there is always so helpful even when we are ordering 100ea different $.03 cent parts!--THANK YOU!

  • Aahron Elston: Designed the first VIP Website - Thanks it was fun and effective!

  • James Borst at thanks for getting the new site completed. It was a roller coaster ride and at times I know we both questioned if it would ever get completed! I am very please with the end result and thanks for sticking with it!!

  • Last but not least: To Thomas, Britt, Scott B., Vincent, John K., Nick P. and all the other customer-turned-friends: Thanks for all of your business and referrals!   You are the types of customers that make this business so rewarding!!  



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